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Hey there, I’m Benjamin Matthews, and I write books in sci-fi and fantasy flavours (often combining the two into one), plus blog posts talking about vidja games, random musings about the world, and other topics of interest. I’m also a crusader against all things stupid, which is part of where the name of this site came from. The other part, entropy, is the subject of some of my sci-fi works, so it seemed a fitting name.

So what exactly do I write? Well, the main work I’m writing at present is a series I’d describe roughly as ‘Fantasy World War 2, but with airships and magic‘, and which has an adventurous vibe in a similar vein to Indiana Jones (you know, that trilogy of films and a single video game? Yep, just three movies and one game, nothing more). This will be a series of (probably) 4 books collectively titled the Crystal Cove Chronicles (no relation to Scooby Doo). You can see the prelude novella’s cover in the sidebar, and jumping onto my newsletter (again, see sidebar) will get you access to that novella, plus some other fun freebies.

I also have plans for a larger series that was heavily inspired by the Suikoden games, which are some of my favourite JRPGs from any era of gaming (I’m Gen X and lived through basically all of those eras; you’ll no doubt hear more about that in future posts). This series, which is presently untitled, is inspired by Suikoden V in particular, but will lean more towards sci-fi than fantasy, and will likely be around five books in total.

If you’re into flash fiction or short stories, I also write those! Some will be published here on the site, others might be exclusive to people who sign up for my newsletter (hint, hint). I like writing random little shorts because they’re quick and easy, and give me a break from the humungous series-based works, though my personal preference is always for the longer content.

Anyway, it’s probably more interesting to read the stories rather than hearing me tell you about them, so I’ll leave you with a fun little short I wrote, titled The Imperative One (opens in new tab, PDF format). This is a humorous fantasy story which follows an imp as he goes about his day at a dungeon filled with monsters who are probably less monstrous than the humans they fight. It’s also written in first-person, which is a rarity for me, normally I prefer third-person omniscient, but hey, I like to experiment occasionally.

Welcome to the site, and I hope you enjoy the story!

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