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Black Omega
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Black Omega – Book 1 of the Alpha Ascendant Series

At the end of the world, one man searches for a new beginning.

The Mars Colonies were supposed to be the crown jewel of human ingenuity and skill, a first step towards leaving the solar system. But after nuclear Armageddon was visited upon Earth, Mars became something more; the last hope of survival for an entire species.

Before Earth’s untimely demise, a series of Mars-based corporations were built with the intention of founding colonies on Mars, each dedicated to one aspect of leaving Earth and exploring the universe; cryogenic research, propulsion, radiation resistance, artificial gravity, and more.

Spearheading the research and development was Alphacorp, those who would be first into space, leading the charge. They were followed by Beta, Gamma, and others, with Omegacorp being the final piece of the puzzle. Omegacorp was a temporary port-of-call en-route to the other colonies, the entry and exit gate into and out of Mars itself. That was then.

Today, Omegacorp is your archetypal shit-hole. Corrupt, insidious, rusted. Ghettos of homogenous trash in a non-homogenous society, always fighting, always at each other’s throats. Never a peaceful night, always someone, somewhere trying some nasty new way to be a monster.

The gates into and out of this monolithic city of filth are always closed, locked, and guarded by monsters even more vile than those who roam the streets. Men and women with badges and guns and the will, nay, the desire to use both.

In this world of corruption and misery, one man and his sister fight for something better. For an escape from this hell-hole. For a chance at a better, brighter future. For a new beginning in a city whose end is nigh.

Working for the ruling authority, escape won’t be easy… but perhaps, with a little skill and ingenuity, their own masters might be manipulated into furthering their plans…